Welcome to Wheatons’ Store

Wheatons’ Store was borne from a desire to take control of what we produce on our family farm. We have always taken great pride in our methods and the quality of what we produce. We are passionate about creating a product that is of a high quality whilst decreasing food miles.

After attending a 4 day workshop with Joel Salatin (www.polyfacefarms.com) in late 2012, we realised that taking greater control of our produce from ‘paddock to plate’ would help us to make a difference in farming and general food production.



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Delivered monthly from our farm to retail and commercial customers in Horsham, DimboolaNhill and Kaniva.

If you are a personal shopper who is interested in ordering a box of meat to be delivered to one of the towns mentioned above please email me jo@wheatonsstore.com.au.