June 2014

Where Our Treasure Lies

I feel it’s time I came out, and I’m bringing my husband out with me. We are Christians! You might wonder what relevance this has to our business, but it actually is the reason we are running our direct selling the way we are. When we were first considering selling …


Grain Fed or Not Grain Fed

I’ve had some queries on what our stock are fed. While our stock are very free range we cannot and will not say that they are 100% pasture fed.  None of our stock is solely pasture fed all year round. In areas with our rainfall there isn’t pasture in sufficient …


Beef, Pork & Lamb

Well, the first ‘real’ delivery month has been and gone. We had our first orders through the website and payments through Paypal. I felt as excited as a kid receiving a long awaited treat when those Paypal emails popped up, almost a little teary (I hope that is normal). Actual …