Category: Cropping

What Money Can’t Buy

While out and about this morning feeding and shifting pigs I was thinking about things (nothing new there). Please don’t take this as a “pity me” post. It’s just my rambling thoughts. The bulk of our income comes in at the start of the year after harvest. Last harvest wasn’t …


Grain Fed or Not Grain Fed

I’ve had some queries on what our stock are fed. While our stock are very free range we cannot and will not say that they are 100% pasture fed.  None of our stock is solely pasture fed all year round. In areas with our rainfall there isn’t pasture in sufficient …


The Opening Break

The last few weeks have been pretty busy at our place… actually, very busy. Some pigs taken to the abattoir. Fat lambs and cows sorted and sent to market. Wool sold. Seed cleaning and grading done. Daughter taken to Melbourne for Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars event. Weekly appointments in …