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You Can’t Be What You Can’t See.

Lewis and I have had quite a big weekend. He has started the process to join the ADF (Australian Defence Force) and at his interview he was encouraged to consider the studying for a degree at the Australian Defence Force Academy. On the strength of that recommendation we organised travel …


The 50-Year Account

I’ve written before about our “tribe”. The people whom our lives are meshed with in such a way that there is a two-way road of support that happens as life requires it. This happens without a big song and dance, it just happens. Since being on the farm I’ve been …


Looking forward!

This has been the perfect holiday. Perfect weather, location, company…. but as is always the way, holidays are a short escape from the pressures of home and they don’t last forever. Vern has already headed home as his folks are away for another full week of treatment and he also …


Venus and Mars

I’ve had a bit of a Mars revelation! At least about some Wheaton men from Mars. The collaboration I have with Vern both in our personal life and business continually reminds me of the importance of our differences.Recent, stressful health situations within our family have made me think back to …


Our Tribe.

How quickly things can change. Things that are one day so important suddenly slip to the edge of the radar. Last week I was frantically overthinking about taking a load of meat down to Melbourne. A meat loving friend said they would possibly have 50kg of orders for us amongst their contacts. Now …


We’re All in the Same Boat

It’s funny how things change. When we started selling our meat direct I really thought that, because there is no one else in the region doing this, there would be enough demand within 200km of our farm for us to sell out every month. That as a result we’d be …

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