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The Future is in Your Hands

Our biggest challenge on this direct meat selling adventure is spreading the word about what we are doing and the reasons why we are doing it. I completely underestimated how difficult this would be. So here we go, some reasons to buy our delicious pork, lamb and beef. Taste. I …


The Blog of Many Beginnings

I started writing this blog post at the end of December. We’d finished another ordinary harvest and I was busting to go to the beach for a holiday (kindly supplied by very generous family members). To tell you the truth I’d had enough of home, work and everything attached to …


Its Good to have Another Option

When we started selling our pork locally there was the odd person that had concerns that maybe we were drawing business from the local butchers. Every now and then another ‘whisper’ arises and it is something that I find very frustrating so it’s time to get a few facts and …


The Breaking of the Piglet Drought

We’ve just come out of a long piglet drought. In mid-January one of our sows had 12 piglets. We thought that with the regular, scheduled stays with the boars that we would have been in for a litter a month. When these things are left to nature things don’t always …


Would you like medication with your meat sir?

There is much said about over medication, of both people and farm animals. The industrialisation of farming has sent the amount of medication fed to stock through the roof. Instead of animals being treated when they are sick they are routinely fed medications as part of their daily ration. Being …


Grain Fed or Not Grain Fed

I’ve had some queries on what our stock are fed. While our stock are very free range we cannot and will not say that they are 100% pasture fed.  None of our stock is solely pasture fed all year round. In areas with our rainfall there isn’t pasture in sufficient …

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