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Looking forward!

This has been the perfect holiday. Perfect weather, location, company…. but as is always the way, holidays are a short escape from the pressures of home and they don’t last forever. Vern has already headed home as his folks are away for another full week of treatment and he also …


The Blog of Many Beginnings

I started writing this blog post at the end of December. We’d finished another ordinary harvest and I was busting to go to the beach for a holiday (kindly supplied by very generous family members). To tell you the truth I’d had enough of home, work and everything attached to …



The dry end to winter that kept up in spring has made November really, really busy. With windrowing of canola and harvest happening three weeks ahead of normal (whatever normal is), there were ramped up stress levels around here as Vern worked hard to get the sheep crutched and jetted …