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For the Greater Good

Three months since my last blog. So much has happened that has been blog worthy, so why have I not shared? Well, looking at the time frame this silence seems to almost exactly coincide with my return to study. Funnily enough the breaking of the blogging silence comes hot on …


The Invisibility of a Safe Seat

In a world that is currently filled with so much uncertainty our Prime Minister has assured us that the best idea as we cast our ballot this Saturday is to ‘stick with what we know’. This seems to be the ongoing thinking of voters in the Mallee electorate that I …


We’re All in the Same Boat

It’s funny how things change. When we started selling our meat direct I really thought that, because there is no one else in the region doing this, there would be enough demand within 200km of our farm for us to sell out every month. That as a result we’d be …


A Pig’s Tale

I’m sure there are many people who wonder where on earth we are coming from with the prices we charge for our pork, especially when you see the prices that you can get bacon or a roast for in the supermarkets and even butchers shops. The simple fact is that …


Don’t Stew…. REVIEW!

At the start of the final week for September orders numbers were down. It also coincided with the ESA Teen Camp that Vern cooks for (and I’m queen of the dishes) in Halls Gap. I had the worst night’s sleep I can remember in a long time at the start …


Winter Warmers

It’s getting chilly.  Time for soups, slow cooked casseroles and roasts!  It makes me feel warm and mushy just thinking about it. I’ve got to be honest though.  While I can knock out a decent soup and roast, it is my husband who is the master of the casserole at …

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