The Opening Break

The last few weeks have been pretty busy at our place… actually, very busy.

  • Some pigs taken to the abattoir.
  • Fat lambs and cows sorted and sent to market.
  • Wool sold.
  • Seed cleaning and grading done.
  • Daughter taken to Melbourne for Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars event.
  • Weekly appointments in Horsham.
  • School Fete preparations and execution (our little group make pavs and cheesecakes!)
  • Collecting, labelling, weighing and boxing meat for delivery.
  • Appointment in Ballarat with Mum and Dad.
  • Finally seeing the doctor about a bad ankle twist from November and finding it was sore and swollen still because I had a second grade ligament tear (good one).
  • Winter sport (Hockey) begins.
  • A big fencing project between our place and the (new) neighbour’s property completed.

Phew… school holidays. Finally!

At the end of week 1 of holidays (ie. still at home working, but less meetings and the opportunity to sleep in a little bit) the rain finally came down.  The front came in from the northwest and we received a welcome 24mm.  The thirsty ground soaked it all in and in the days since a beautiful tinge of green has been shooting forth from the damp earth. After a long, fairly parched summer it is good for the soul to see those little shoots pushing through. The broadacre cropper of the outfit (Vern) spent a big day yesterday on the tractor (no doubt with a smile on his face) working up 300 acres of ground in preparation for sowing.

Vern’s family will all be home at Easter to celebrate Stephen and Esmae’s 50th wedding anniversary, a wonderful milestone!  What a blessing to be together for the second time this year (the first time being our daughter’s wedding in January).

Then ‘holidays’ will be over and everything steps up a notch with cropping in full swing and preparing for our first full pork, lamb and beef delivery in May. Orders are open online now and close on May 12th. There will only be about 50 kilos of pork, so get in quickly if you would like some!


  1. Hi Joanne, if ever you need a stop off in a Ballarat , Roger and I live in Alfredton you. and family are most welcome
    Love your Store hopefully we can take advantage of your goods for sale I just need to coordinate a trip to Nhill
    Cheers June

    1. Thanks June,I think it looks great too. We worked with a very clever graphic designer who transformed our vague thoughts into something better than I could have imagined. J

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