The Future is in Your Hands

Our biggest challenge on this direct meat selling adventure is spreading the word about what we are doing and the reasons why we are doing it. I completely underestimated how difficult this would be. So here we go, some reasons to buy our delicious pork, lamb and beef.

  1. Taste. I expected lots of excellent feedback on our pork because, of the three meats we sell, it is the one that has undergone the biggest changes in methods of production in recent generations which has generally altered the taste of what is largely available. Ours is the way pork used to be. Tasty and juicy. Slower to grow and raised outdoors. We definitely get that feedback but I’ve been pretty amazed at the feedback on our beef and lamb too. This never gets old.
  2. #knowyourfarmer In years gone by most families had a link to a farm which gave the opportunity to have some understanding of the source of their food. Now this is pretty rare, as a result this opportunity is lost. When you buy from us you are minimizing the supply chain so you get to ‘shake the hand that feeds you”, ask us questions and visit our farm if you would like. Education is part of what we do. As more farmers are pushed towards single species or completely away from animal agriculture we’ve become a bit of anomaly.
  3. You know exactly where your meat has come from and how it was raised. If you want to support animal agriculture that allows animals to display their natural instincts buy your meat directly from the farmer who has grown it. This is more trustworthy than any Free Range Accreditation stamp on packaging.
  4. Support environmentally friendly food production. We are using farming methods that look to naturally enrich the soil. We are educating ourselves and steering our management towards the increase of organic matter in the soil. The increased use of manmade chemicals and fertilizers can leave the soil virtually sterile. As stewards of the land our desire is to increase the health of our soil through more holistic management. Animal manure is both natural fertiliser and organic matter. Each and every handy deposit.
  5. Support a system that doesn’t involve excessive and unnecessary transport. Our animals are driven to the closest abattoir, the butcher in the same town processes and packages it then we collect it, box it up on our farm and deliver it to you. A big problem with economies of scale are excesses in kilometres travelled and fossil fuels burnt.
  6. Keep your spend local. Whether it is food or goods and services, nothing will support your local community more than spending your money locally whenever you can. We want to keep our product local for the environmental reasons stated above and to give people who share our mindset a truly local option for meat.

The future is in your hands.